Speciality Services

Blonding Services

Hair Painting (Balayge)

Average Time: 3-5 hours

Hair Painting (Balayage) is a free hand technique that can be used to create a look that mimics the sunkiss effects of the sun over time. It has a soft, natural, lived-in feel during the grow-out, making this service ideal for those looking for less maintenance between services. This is our go-to for soft natural looks, recently we have seen the trend to higher contrast looks.

Foil Highlights

Average Time: 3+ hours

Foil Highlights are created by sectioning pieces of hair and folding the section in foil from root
to tip. The foils are placed close to the scalp which prevents the transfer of the color in the foil to
the rest of the hair. This can create everything from noticeable lines throughout the hair, to a
soft shimmer.

Global Blonde

Average Time: 2-4+ hours

Global Blonde means that all of the hair is lightened to blonde from root to end. This technique has no dimension or variations to the color, creating a “solid” look