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Eufora Triple Bond Repair

A revolution in the world of bond repair.

This weightless in-shower treatment instantly reconnects, replaces, and reinforces the three primary bonds in the hair, reversing damage from chemical services, heat styling, and environmental stress - all in 5 minutes. Details  How to Use
Unlike multi-step repair products, Triple Bond Repair is a one-step, in-shower repair treatment that quickly penetrates into the hair strand for weightless restoration and repair. Eufora's Pro-Bond Complex reconnects broken disulfide bonds, replaces hydrogen bonds and reinforces salt bonds for restored structure, elasticity, texture, and shape.

Key Benefits

  • Reconnects broken protein disulfide bonds to restore strength and add elasticity.
  • Replaces missing hydrogen bonds to restore texture and protect hair from the elements.
  • Reinforces salt bonds to reconnect positive and negative amino acids in the hair strand for luster and strength.
  • Restores structure, elasticity, texture, and shape of any hair type!

Ideal For

All hair types, especially those who have sustained damage from chemical services, environmental stress, or heat styling.

Always Safe For

Color treated, chemically-treated, keratin treated and relaxed hair.


The Science of Nature is Unparalleled

Instantly restore strength, structure, and elasticity with our newest plant-based technology, the Eufora Pro-Bond Complex. This synergistic blend of Quinoa, Pea, and Vegetable Polypeptide Proteins rapidly penetrates deep into the hair strand to repair and strengthen broken and damaged bonds.

How to Use

After cleansing with a gentle detox shampoo, work a generous quarter size amount of treatment completely through mid and end lengths of hair. You may add more as needed, based on length of hair and level of damage. Leave on for 5 minutes minimum.  Rinse thoroughly.  Use weekly or as needed.



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