All reservations may be cancelled or rescheduled with a MINIMUM of 48 hours notice.

Cancellations without 48-hours notice are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled service(s) charges.

Reservations that are ‘no show’ will be subject to 100% of the scheduled service(s) charges.

Cancellation notices must be given earlier for some services such as for Bridal Packages.

Online bookings are subject to online cancellation policies available at time of booking.

*For any COVID-19 related cancellations, please notify us immediately.

Running a bit behind schedule


We understand that life happens, and there are times when you may be running a bit behind schedule. Due to social distancing guidelines, we will accommodate a “one time grace period” of up to 10 minutes after your reservation start time. Your service may be altered to fit within the allotted time remaining. If you will be delayed beyond the grace period, contact us prior to your reservation start time to reschedule. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.

*COVID-19 and emergency situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis.